Unit pricing* is determined by many factors including the following:

Base Price: $2,000 (average 1st year 350-700 students) / $1,000 (renewing year)

Registrations (total number of ALL registrations including Delegates, Alternates, High School Counselors, Staff, and Alumni ($1.50/ea).

Available Optional Add-Ons:

  • Credit Card Processing ($100/yr & transactional fee of 80¢ + 2.9%/transaction) – This fee covers incorporating the payments into your account and development and maintenance on our end. 
  • Electronic Files Uploading and eSignature ($250/yr) – Have your delegates scan and upload all of their documents securely and easily online. The files are easily tracked by you, archived at the end of the season, then mailed to you. No more storing boxes of papers for years and years!
  • Email Blast** (Free while we test this feature) – Communicate with everyone at once. Choose which current year group you want to write and blast an email to everyone within that group. Want to email registrants from prior years? You can now select which prior year registrant groups you would like to write and email them instantly.

*Prices effective July 2018.

**Email Blast is under development and beta testing. These are considered fairly reliable but unstable at this time. We are actively working to correct these issues.