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Please contact your state officials and urge them to contact us about starting online registrations this year!

RegisterState Pays For Itself!

You’ll save money on postage and countless man-hours. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and help you stay organized!

Get Organized and Improve Communication

RegisterState comes with many features to make it easier for everyone to get on the same page. Students can check their room assignments, counselors can check which of their students have registered, and much more!

Accurate. Efficient. Real Time Data.

Get immediate information and statistics on whose going and from where. With RegisterState, you’re in the know!

We Can Help!

Can you tell me instantly how many students are registered? How about the schools? Are you as prepared as you thought you were?

We’ve built a registration system specifically for the American Legion and American legion Auxiliary for Boys & Girls State. We’ve listened to our local state’s headquarter needs, worked closely with them for years, and are now branching out to entire great nation. We’d love to help you get ready for next year! You won’t regret switching to RegisterState.

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Will You be Ready?

"I've been super impressed with the work that you and your company are doing! Thanks for making this transition exciting. If your goal has been to make allies, just know you have a huge fan in this guy!"

2 years ago

"I am positive the time you take to review this program, and see how it will help your Department, will yield benefits that will last for years to come. The cost-saving component of time and expense will pay for itself in short order."

2 years ago

"Using Register State has improved our registration process tremendously. We have access to the information anytime we need it. We also enjoy the customer support that comes with This program. When times get busy we know we can count on the staff at Green Dragon Technology to step up and provide continuous support, around the clock."


Real-Time Numbers

24/7 access to all your registrations for Delegates, Staff, Alumni, Counselors, etc. We’ll collect your data for you so know exactly how many t-shirts to order without any question!

Simple Registration

With optional social media logins, everyone can quickly and easily register.

Simply select your role and checkout in moments. Delegates can by credit card or mail in check/money order with invoice easily.


Print and send tickets with QR codes to easily keeping track of who is showing up. Tickets can double as souvineers.

Forms Management

Know instantly when a Delegate uploads their medical forms and eSigns their documents. Emails are sent directly to your inbox and you can validate their documents instantly. Give medical form access to required medical staff only.

Student Management

Select school officials have the ability to change or create new registrations as they see fit.

Know who is coming, their payment and forms status in a snap.

Students can quickly verify their payment status, forms status, upload forms, check room assignments, and print their tickets.

Room Assignments

Allow students to see what rooms they have assigned to them as you make the assignments.

High School Counselors Management

Allow counselors to see what students of theirs have made registrations. School Counslors can easily verify registrations, payment status, forms status to help students get ready.

Post Unit Management

Posts can have the ability to see all registrations, list by school, and verify proper sponsorship so they can closely work with Headquarters to work out any issues quickly.

School Management

Verify school counselor registration status.

Instantly know which schools have registered, how many anticipated students, how many students have already registered, and what percentage of students have registered.

Go Green!

Tired of managing boxes and boxes of paperwork? Let us take care of this heavy burden for you and go paperless! Invoice are emailed. Required forms can be uploaded by students. Easy!

Other Key Elements

•Updating existing registrations can be done by users or State Officials •Export CSV reports on the fly •List registrations by school •Pull school statistics instantly

RegisterState Pays For Itself!

You’ll save money on postage and countless man-hours. We’ll do all the heavy lifting and help you stay organized!

Take Payments Online

Registration payments can always be accept via check or money order but we optionally offer the ability to take payments online saving you countless time marking applicants as PAID or not and making it really convenient for payee as well!


There is a one-time Setup fee of $1,500 and an annual renewal fee of $500. There is also an additional fee of $1 per registrant charged after every registration cycle.

Use this pricing calculator to help!

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