RegisterState Changelog

v3.0 is coming soon!

We have been a bit on the quieter side for a while because we have been holding off for a big announcement. Our team has been hard at work for months on something that will greatly increase your efficiency as a State Official.

Introducing RegisterState v3.0…

What’s new?

  • New Server – We’ve moved absolutely everything to a new dedicated server which is MUCH faster than before. We’ve also completely load-balanced everything so that every state is uniquely separated and optimized for speed!
  • New File Uploader – Not only is this easier on the front-end but also much easier on the backend. We’ve incorporated our platform into MS OneDrive for simplicity, security, and much easier navigation. Users will be able to easily add files, edit files, and delete files on the fly. You’ll now see the changes in real-time.
  • Improved Chat – Now State Officials can engage with users whenever they like. Units, Parents, Delegates, and High School Counselors can chat with you directly so you can effectively answer questions quickly and accurately.
  • Email Blast – Need to send out an email to just your approved Delegates or just to your Staff Members? Now you can set-up an email blast to just the target audience and communicate quickly and easily, much like MailChimp. No more sorting email addresses and organizations. We do it automatically for you with no guesswork. Groups are updated in real-time so everything is 100% accurate and your target groups are perfect every time!

Do let us know your thoughts and feedback by replying to this email or at Thanks!

RS Update 2.7

  • New File Uploader – We’ve implemented a new file uploader which has multiple new features including the ability for Delegates to View, Rename, and Delete their own files. Also, State Officials (You) will also be able to do the same without going through us. The uploader is much faster and easier than the old uploader. Users can upload multiple files at once. Watch it in action here.
  • We’re also starting a Wiki site for RegisterState to outline how to use all the multiple features of this site. See for more information. This is a work in progress. Let us know if there’s any topic you would like to see!

RS Update 2.6.3b

  • Special Needs question added to the Delegate’s Question Group – Either Delegates or State Officials can edit any question to change or add information. We’ve had a few special needs requests and this would be a good place to note these needs.

RS Update 2.6.3

  • User Searches Just Got Better – Now User Searches renders columns with the current check-marked status of the following: Medical Form, Approved, & Alternate making status checking as simple as a single click.

RS Update 2.6.2

  • Check-In Role – User role added so that you or we can assign a user to do check-ins. We can now assign a subscriber to have Check-in rights but no other administrative rights. This is useful for staff members to use their smartphones or tablets with the Mobile Ticket App to scan Delegate’s tickets at the door.

RS Update 2.6.1

  • User Switcher – You now have the ability to mimic logging on as another user. This is incredibly useful if you need to upload documents on behalf of a Delegate. Simply log into the system like you normally would and click the User Switcher button on the toolbar at the top, search for the user you want to log in as, and click the Switch button. Now you can navigate back to the front-end of the site, click the Profile link on the top-right, and so on. When you’re done, simply click the Log Out button on the black toolbar and then click Switch Back.

RS Update 2.6.0

  • UI: Upload Documents tab now shows the user their previously uploaded documents [NEW!]
  • Fixed bug with interface between Event Espresso mobile Ticketing Check-in app and the database
  • UI: Added reminders for Delegates to upload their documents on the final Registration Thank You page and the Pending Payment email
  • UI: Updates to Upload Documents tab for ease of uploading multiple documents
  • Removed ability for any user other than a Delegate to upload documents

RS Update 2.5.13

  • Statistics – Online users, visits, visitors and page statistics, browsers, search engines, etc. Note: You may have to click Screen Options at the top of the Dashboard page, select the Widgets you want, and then drag the widgets into the desired locations.
  • Overview and detail pages for all kinds of data, including; browser versions, country stats, hits, exclusions, referrers, searches, search words and visitors

RS Update 2.5.12b

  • Fixed a bug on the List By School page which prevented showing Delegates in Incomplete status

RS Update 2.5.12

  • Dashboard Widget – Added Anticipated Students numbers in parenthesis
  • User Search – Added navigation buttons to User Uploads as well as Registration and Transactions (only if those exist)
  • User Upload Transaction – Now emails the User when they upload a file
  • User Interface – minor enhancements

RS Update 2.5.11

  • Added a User File Upload link to the bottom of every User’s Profile page. This makes it incredibly easy to quickly locate the documents that this user has uploaded, especially if they’ve uploaded more than one document!

RS Update 2.5.10

  • Added an Approved notation next to Registrations column on the School Statistics page. Know instantly how many Delegate Registrations are approved by school or in total.