Department Open Letter from Admissions Director, Jean Leek

July 2017

I am so pleased to offer the following information for your review and consideration! As you know, as Admissions Director for an ALA Department Girls State program, I encourage you to take a look at RegisterState.

Our Department program includes approximately 900 Citizens/Delegate attendees each year, along with approximately 35 staff and about 140 Counselors. Delivery of materials and preparation in order to have that many students and staff attend, and ensure that each has met the pre-qualification and program requirements, is a daunting task. Every aspect of Admissions falls directly under my responsibilities.

I want to share with you a program that I am sure will benefit you and your Department with your Girls State Program. It begins with Troy of RegisterState to help with Girls State and Boys State.

I am positive the time you take to review this program and see how it will help your Department, will yield benefits that will last for years to come. The cost-saving component of time and expense will pay for itself in short order.

Please take a moment to read over the message from Troy at RegisterState:

When we first met Jean, she was doing what most of the units are still doing: registering Delegates on Spreadsheets or Access databases and transcribing every little bit of information from hand-filled, often illegible forms. We were hired to custom build a registration site for them and, once implemented, they immediately saw improvements in the overall efficiency of the workflow. Then, as we continued to improve the site over the next several years, we turned what used to be months of work into mere days. Jean couldn’t have been happier and neither could we.


No longer were the registration forms, medical documents, and payment checks strewn about multiple different physical locations that had to be organized and sorted through by hand. Everything was available from a single, search-able database. Registration information is directly attached to the student’s account on the server, along with the status of their payment, approval, and assigned room numbers. School counselors enter the number of students they are expecting to send, which is directly comparable to the number of students that have actually registered. As students upload required documents such as medical forms or birth certificates, an email is sent out letting you immediately mark it as verified or inform the student of any issues.


However, the staff weren’t the only ones to see benefits! Students were able to log in and see the status of their registration (whether they’ve been approved, payment status, room numbers, etc.) whenever they wanted. The same goes for school counselors, who were able to see the statuses of all of their students, in real-time, as they saw fit. On top of this, we used the email system to instantly notify the students and counselors of how things were moving along.


Moreover, we wanted to help improve communications between the staff and students/counselors directly, which is why we now have an integrated chat and ticket support system built directly into the site. Anyone that has any issues can either start a chat session with you, so you can easily answer any questions they might have, or issue a ticket with the details of their problem.


Although, one of the most interesting features is that this system winds up paying for itself. Before Jean reached out to us, registration forms, updates, and assignments to every high school and every accepted delegate had to be mailed out. This past year nothing was spent in postage. Everything was done 100% online (and 100% green!). And next year, we would like to implement online payments as well, which could eventually help remove all incoming mail.


We should also mention that other departments have benefited from this registration system for Boys State and Girls State for the past few years. Other departments from including Arkansas Boys State have now signed on for a 3-year contract. Seeing how successful everything has been, and how far we have come over the last few years, we would like to help fix the headaches and pains of manually processing registrations for all of AL and ALA and have opened our services nationwide.


So, if you have a few minutes, please watch the introductory video and try out the online demo. We would love to know what you think, any suggestions you may have will only help make this site more functional for you and your organization. We hope to get in touch with as many of you as possible in the coming months, and are excited to work with the AL/ALA to improve the lives of everyone involved.


Sincerely, thank you for your time, and have a great day!


Troy Pousardien,


1-844-4-REGISTER (1-844-473-4478)

Jean Leek

AR Girls State Admissions Director

Jean Leek

Jean Leek

Admissions Director


"I am positive the time you take to review this program, and see how it will help your Department, will yield benefits that will last for years to come. The cost-saving component of time and expense will pay for itself in short order."

2 years ago

"Using Register State has improved our registration process tremendously. We have access to the information anytime we need it. We also enjoy the customer support that comes with This program. When times get busy we know we can count on the staff at Green Dragon Technology to step up and provide continuous support, around the clock."


"I've been super impressed with the work that you and your company are doing! Thanks for making this transition exciting. If your goal has been to make allies, just know you have a huge fan in this guy!"

2 years ago